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Steve Taylor

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Steve Taylor

Native speaker

I was a manager at a Mercedes Benz showroom, played the trombone for Queen Elizabeth II herself, and nowadays admire the beauty of our Roztocze region. I have got formal qualifications for learning English (TEFL, TESOL).

A foreign language for me is…

An extremely important tool to help you succeed in whatever life has to offer and may well open up many doors to opportunities.

I like teaching (because)…

Every day is different.
Every lesson is different.
Every class is different.
Every student is different.
Thank God we aren’t all the same.

If I was not a teacher, then…

I would be either be a musician or in the motortrade.

When I am not at school…

You can find me walking my dog (Nellie) or driving my classic car.

I do not part with…

My Nellie (of course) and my Classic Mercedes.

My amazing skill…

Playing the Trombone and Bass Guitar, but not at the same time. Gosh that really would be amazing!